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070 Shake's Big Night

Why do you think so much of the youth is depressed?


Well by just being observant of the people around me and noticing that everyone has some sort of sadness that takes over them. I believe prescription drugs diagnose you with depression which you’ll only notice when you're not on them.


What does the release of the Glitter EP mean for you, in terms of both your career and your personal life?


It’s just refreshing to put out music. Finally people get to see how the sound is growing and will continue to grow. It feels like a new beginning.


Tell me a bit about the making of the Glitter EP. How did you choose this collection of songs? 


We were eager to just be ourselves, do what we want and make something that really came from our hearts—not just lyrically but production wise. So we got in the studio and did just that in a very organic manner. 


How do you hope your music contributes to culture? 


I hope it changes people’s way of thinking/living. Ideally, I want it to have a role in the world changing. 


Do you think it’s everybody’s ultimate goal to make their mother proud? 


I think to some degree, but sometimes it’s bigger than that.


Glitter EP is available now. 

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