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Aaron Philip

What is your ideal office?


My bedroom!


What is the last piece of art that affected you emotionally?


Euphoria on HBO.


What words make your heart beat faster?


“Are you okay?” or “I love you/I want you.”


Do you have any rituals?


I twirl around my room every day to the playlists I have on my Apple Music account to make my energy more positive and get in touch with myself. Where is the most sacred place in New York? The most sacred place in New York is the Bronx Botanical Garden.


What is the greatest misconception about models?


That one specific type of us models is of more worth, or more “sellable” than the other.


When was the last time you celebrated?


I celebrate my life and loved ones every day.


What is the magic word?




What is the most useful advice you ever received?


Stop at nothing for what you really want.


What is a formative experience you remember from your childhood?


Going to summer camp at Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills. It was my first taste of true independence and self development. I got to truly connect with myself and other deeply special human beings in two months of solid nature. I’m eternally grateful for that experience.


When was the last time you were starstruck?


Meeting my dear friend Indya Moore in June at a gala!


What weather phenomenon best represents your personality?


Double rainbows.


What are the best and worst things about being in front of the camera?


The best thing about being in front of a camera is making it work for you, and the worst thing about being in front of the camera is sometimes not knowing how it looks when you experiment with new looks and poses. That can be intimidating at times!


What outfit of yours would you choose to be buried in?


My little black dress.


Where might we find you on a Sunday afternoon?


Inside my house, in between dreams and reality—half awake, even when up.

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