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Alexis Taylor's Beautiful Dissonance

Where are you sitting currently? How are you feeling?


In A + E in a hospital in North London. A bit nervous as my daughter just had an asthma attack (she is okay though).


We're happy she's okay. The sounds on Beautiful Thing are so unique, dissonant yet still funky and melodic. How did you arrive at this sound?


Tim Goldsworthy and I worked hard to give the album a unique sound, and played with unfamiliar musical toys and processors to experiment and manipulate sounds.


Was there anything specific, a sentiment or atmosphere that you wanted to translate with this record?


We wanted to make something that related to slow-building minimalist ambient music and dub music, as well as more frenetic and funky moments too. We aimed for beautiful unfamiliar sounds. 


What was the absolute worst part of recording? Best?


There was no really bad part of the recording except wanting more time in the room to work on it (Tim was doing some exams whilst we were making it, so he was only available one day a week). The best part was discovering things that worked well but were surprising when we were trying things out in the studio. We had fun setting up a robot drummer.


You note that the record really began to form around the title track, "Beautiful Thing." How does that song encapsulate what you were trying to achieve? 


In some ways that song is pretty different from the rest of the album, but it encapsulates a balancing act between dissonance and beauty, something unsettled and something joyful.


Do you have a favorite song to perform?


"Suspicous of Me" is my favorite from the record to perform live.


Pizza or pasta?


Pizza out but pasta when at home


Check out Beautiful Thing by Alexis Taylor.

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