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All About André and Beltology



You've done graffiti, fashion design, hotelier and even acting and directing. Within all this, what is the most rewarding thing you've done?


Graffiti. You don’t need anyone, not even their permission. The only thing you need is a bit of courage, and you have the satisfaction of the immediate result.


How did you get in touch with Beltology?


They used to come and eat and hang out at my Café Henrie in New York.


Can you tell us about he individual custom pins that come with each belt?


They're inspired by the waiters who collect pins on their vests or the dog collars in the Swiss Alps.


How important has collaboration been in the span of your career?


Collaboration has always been my way of working. Graffiti includes almost every medium, and working with others and doing collective work is essential to my philosophy.


Whats the first thing that comes to mind when hearing these words:










Net Neutrality


George Orwell 




Beautiful crime


Avocado Toast


Invented by Café Gitane



André Saraiva x Beltology is now available at and

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