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Animal Farm

Not only does the exhibition feature a slew of artists ranging from pop icons Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf to contemporary artists like Joe Bradley and Joyce Pensato, but it also stands out in its wide range of mediums. There is a strong presence of paintings but also sculpture and video, and curator Sadie Laska made it a point to position neoexpressionalism beside surrealism and personal narratives beside political commentary, and so on and so forth.


But all of this artistic variety—there are paintings about sex, cartoons showcasing animal butts, and the occasional comedic punch line—unites under the goal of "charting a world in churn." When beginning to curate the show, Laska had just returned from the DC Women's March and asked herself, "What do people need to see right now?" Out came Animal Farm, a colorful and multi-faceted collection of art pieces intermingling to remind us that sometimes fantasy can be the ultimate form of resistance. 

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