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Announcing: alexanderwang



The first show of his new identity, dubbed Collection 1, inspired by a family roadtrip and his own parents coming-to-America story, is about "Immigrant Americana". For the collection, Wang mixes his families culture herritage — in touches of chinoiserie with his American background: rock'n'roll, football, motorcycle culture, punk (tons of saftey pins), leather, studs, 90s tracksuits, and car-grille belts that feels like a mid 2000s Middle-America meets Chinatown time warp.


Models sported Axl Rose bandanas with snapback hat enclosures, biker shorts, leather jackets, and even Alexander Wang football jerseys (though how great the models would be at the actual sport is questionable). Many of them had black stars and stripes facepaint or studded face masks that felt a bit more Juggalo than Alexander Wang, though it does fit the All-American influence. 


Wang's carving way for a new era of his label. Though the topic of immigration is a heated debate in America at the moment, Wang's inspiration seems to have come from a more personal place, rather than political.



The show ended with Childish Gambino's "This is America", a reminder that this is Wang's ready-to-wear melting pot. For him and millions of other immigrants in the country, this is what America looks like. Maybe, this is a step in revolutionizing what Americana is.


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