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Aqua Prom

At the show, Stello took us back with his rock-infused, Bob Dylan-esque soul. Duendita and her angelic crew of fellow sirens serenaded us into tears (the girl standing behind me definitely announced the emission a good five or six times). Scott James led us down a sultry acoustic trail of tenderness. And R&B crooners JIL closed out the night with a hypnotizing, synth-heavy set.


There was a black and white dress code and a myriad of corsages, if anyone missed their high school prom or just needed some nostalgia. The turnout and audience enthusiasm proved that Aqua Prom was not only the prime location for finding your favorite new artist, but for getting a taste of the supreme soundscape that this new batch of young artists are cooking up for us, right before our very eyes. 

Scott James

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