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Art School A/W '20


Living up to the name, this season was a collaboration with artists Maggi Hambling and Richard Porter, both known for their sculptures. Hambling’s hands reveal themselves through ruffles crafted out of recycled threads from previous shows. As for the hagstone jewelry? That’s Porter’s plotting.


“Beads are brittle and cruel under each and every sole”


Amulets, fossils, driftwood, and knots evoke the British Isles’ druid history just as much as Western art history. And with the artist smock serving as both a keystone and a symbol of artistic training, tradition, and trajectory, this collection beckons the question: where exactly is the line between the artist and the art itself? Perhaps, it's a nod to the Theo Adams performance aspect of the brand’s origins.


“Beads are swept away when you have left the room”

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