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Ascension Into DREAMLAND

The space was as fanciful as you can imagine: handmade LED-lit clouds that rained metallic streams of ribbon amidst a foggy dance floor, on-sight tattooing by JAR herself, sparkling flames that rose from the floorboards, oil paintings scattered throughout that made Rocio's imaginative characters an essential part of the party. Guests rocked classic Rocio joint earrings and horned-headbands, and danced all of their worries away. And with the help of sponsors like Bronx Medical Cafe and Six Point Brewery, people were certainly ascending right up into DREAMLAND.


They mentioned the satisfaction they feel is not only from popping the fuck off, but also the opportunity to offer an event uptown, hosted and organized entirely by young creatives in the city trying to pave the way. Affordability and accessibility is something they strived for, as well as supporting both themselves as well as all other artists involved, and it was surely something they accomplished. In their press release, they summed their ethos up with a clear mission statement: “This party is a celebration of hard work, strong female energy, being unapologetic, and running shit.” Here’s to Rocio and JAR running shit.

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