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The Athletic Aesthetic

At a time fashion's context is less cut-and-dry than the classic catwalk— for better or for worse, what we wear now weilds the power to speak for us, whether the statement is about aesthetic style or is pushing our political perspective. And as of this year, the sports industry has become increasingly involved in identifying where it falls within the world of fashion. And although we've been flooded with our fair share of overlap this year as it is, from the Nike NBA partnership, to the long list of capsule collaborations between commercial brands and major athletes— what we saw from the Cavs certainly gets first place. 


During the pre-game walkout at the NBA playoffs against the Indiana Pacers, the team sported (no pun intended) matching Thom Browne ensembles. The athletes wore New York-based designer's signature cropped gray suits along with his ties, shoes, bags, and sunglasses which they intent to wear for the remainder of the post-season, however long that may be for them.


In a world where using fashion to express individuality has become such an important part of the NBA experience, the Cavs' bold statement of unity is a  welcomed homage to the sport's roots. 


  • Photos by Conor Lucas

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