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BØRNS' Faded Heart



What would you say inspired the projects that are upcoming? You have a lot on the docket to be released soon…


Well, the music that I have been working on, well I got off the road last October, from a good two years of touring. And that was a big eye-opener, on the road, as far as being a performer and a singer, being around people, traveling, it just sort of was getting into the flow of that energy. And then coming back and going right into another record, i just think different thoughts.


It seems like a potentially draining experience, although can be productive, in itself. I know that touring can be quite exhausting.


I think, you know, yeah, it’s whatever you kind of make it. It’s very mental, so I think it was a test for me how not to make it draining but to make it just about getting into the river and just flow. 


Do you feel like your recent work since coming back from touring was inspired by direct experiences you had while on the road?


Not necessarily specific exact experiences, but just from thoughts, a lot of just my wandering mind on the road.


In your opinion, is the sound in "Faded Heart" similar to your previous record, or has it transformed a lot? 


I think it’s a lot different. I have put a lot more live elements, I have a lot of live instruments this time. I was playing everything being piano-based, thinking more harmonically that way, and orchestrally, I had live strings on this album.


What have you been listening to recently, that maybe you can attribute to the sound behind this?


I was getting into Serge, some of the song structures of the Beach Boys… Roy Orbison… Yeah, I think those songs are just so beautifully complex…


What is your favorite Roy Orbison song?


I think it would be a toss-up between Cry Softly Lonely One, and… Why are you doing this to me?! Probably it would have to be Crying.


Are there new things you can pinpoint thematically in your new work?


I think, thematically, I was coming at it from less of a relationship perspective, or looking for love, and some sort of quest for a dopamine rush. This album is kind of a broader approach and scope of coming at the world today, I think.


That’s hopeful.



I know you have a quite unique sense of style, what would you attribute to that? Any major influences?


Probably my six year old self. I was pretty fearless as a young lad. Just kind of wearing whatever.


Was that accepted by your peers at the time?


I don’t know, and I don’t know if I really cared. It was just fun for me, being different characters. Going into a situation, like, going to the ice cream store—if you’re in a character, you can have a different experience. I specifically remember going to get ice cream as Robin Hood. It’s so much better than getting ice cream as just a regular kid.


Did you have a favorite character?


It went through lots of permutations, it was always changing. I am still kind of like that, I just constantly change it up, I get bored with things. But I don’t know about a favorite, I would have to go back to the archives.


Do you dress up for Halloween?


I do.


Best Halloween costume?


Ace Ventura, that was pretty good. The Hawaiian shirt and a tutu.

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