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Beauty Committee: Round II

We're a little ass company with a big ass mouth and a whole lot to say, so for our first round of products we've asked our lovely judges to test out the only thing that makes the mouth even louder: lipstick. We have three natural brands with three sultry shades of red, the ever-iconic color too sexy to go out of style. Our contenders are "ROMEO", by Lawless, "Clarity", by Axiology, and "Crimson & Clover" by Ilia, and we have hair guru and Beauty Committee judge Shingo Shibata here to give us the lowdown on each one. Check out his answers below and stay tuned, because we have our next judge coming in red-hot tomrrow afternoon!

Which pigment do you like the best?




What was the best aspect of each product?


I don't know, I'm not an expert. 


Most stylish packaging?




All of them are red, but which one is your favourite shade? Which would be best for a night out and why? 


I like the color of Ilia. I don't wear makeup but if I did, I would wear Lawless for a night out because it's long-lasting—maybe I should start wearing lipstick.

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