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Beauty Committee: Round II

With all the boring, dry ass content out there in the world, we've made it our imperative to always keep you guys visually and mentally hydrated so we thought it only fitting for our second round of products to do the same. With that being said, we have three non-toxic moisturizers for our lovely panel of judges to test out: "Hydration" by Luminance Skincare, "Truffle Therapy" by Skin&CO, and last but not least, "Mandarin Maximum Moisture" by John Masters Organics. The cherry on top? We have hair guru and Beauty Committee judge Shingo Shibata here to give us the lowdown on each one. Check out his answers below and stay tuned, because we have our next judge coming in red-hot tomorrow afternoon!



The best part about each product?


I don't know. 


Which one would you most likely keep on your bathroom shelf?


"Truffle Therapy" by Skin&CO.


Which one would you use before work? At the beach? Before bed?


Before work I would use "Truffle Therapy," at the beach I would use "Mandarin Maximum Moisture" by John Masters, and before bed I would use "Hydration" by Luminance Skincare 


You can only use one of these moisturizers for the rest of your life—which one do you pick and why? 


Skin&CO—I just like it. 

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