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Booth No. R1

Abraham Cruzvillegas’ pink and green found objects from his ongoing ‘autoconstrucción’ project, building on a concept of drawing from the city around where the exhibit is staged (what wonders he finds!); Jimmie Durham’s strange and magical industrial-materials-meet-Native American iconography via movable sculpture; and a wonderfully weird darkling muppet-caught-in-a-blender piece by Haegue Yang.


And there is, of course, Sarah Lucas’s marvelous standout: a dog-like guardian statue, standing at attention or shocked into silence, whose surface is made almost entirely out of cigarettes — is he about to ignite? Please do not smoke the artwork.


    Sarah Lucas
    Rirkrit Tiravanija
    Jimmie Durham
    Haegue Yang
    Haegue Yang
    Abraham Cruzvillegas
    Abraham Cruzvillegas

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