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BornxRaised F17

  • Born x Raised represents the voice of Venice street culture— a core LA community becoming lost in gentriciation. Spanto, founder, saw streetwear as the way to address these issues— inspiring the agressive, graphic, and artful label.



My great grandma was from White Mountain Apache Rez, and my Grandfather is from Tonawanda Seneca Rez, before they moved to venice in the 20’s. My family has been living in the same house my grandparents bought in the 20’s, and the last 20 years has been spent fighting to keep that house in a neighborhood that has changed around us with no mercy for it’s original people.


When I was a kid, in the summers, my father would travel all over the US and Canada for ceremony, and we would stay with relatives and friends on different reservations. I remember seeing the phrase “Relocation is Genocide” tagged all over the Big Mountain Navajo Rez one summer during Sundance ceremony. This struck a chord and became relevant to me years later when I experience the same thing happening in Venice, [with the] gentrification. Hence, the BXR motto Gentrification is Genocide. 


Low income families, mostly people of color, are pushed out with gang injunctions when they don’t want to let go of their land. A lot of these families have been there for as many generations as mine, some many more.


...These kids remind me of those summers, and the pride of native people. Companies pour money in the community to reshape it in their image with no respect for the past. This is happening everywhere, not just LA. Not to get up on a soapbox here, this is just the way it is.


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