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Bottle Me Up

The installation, brilliantly crafted by Amit Greenberg, consists of 100,000 recyclable glass bottles designed by the artist himself hanging in the air with an effortless celestial beauty on par with the ocean herself. The kicker? From the LGLB bathing suits to the bottles, whatever purchase you make will benefit #the100kintiative, a campaign launched by FOUND and Oceana to commemorate the 100,000 marine animals impacted by plastic in the ocean. With funky prints and flavors such as cucumber mint and elderflower in the mix, lending a helping hand to our sea creatures is refreshing no-brainer. office got the chance to sit down with Greenberg and pick his brain about this special project, read below. 



What do you think the relationship is between intention and reception?


As a creative, I encounter the fine line between intention and reception very often. My work has always evolved with the audience in mind, and I have experienced the beauty of viewing moments and the interaction of people with the finalized artworks and designs. I think every idea has its turning point once the art comes to fruition, it takes on a life of its own and the initial intention tends to unfold beyond anything we can imagine.


What quality and/or features make the artistic realm such a potent medium for activism?


Art is magic—it's unexplained yet understood on a subconscious level at the same time. There is the alchemy of transforming an idea to an actualized experience, and as others experience it on a sensory level, they also encounter the osmosis of the idea. The power of sending a message is inherited in art.


How was the concept of the project at large visually and physically articulated within your installation?


The essence of the concept was to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution and its deadly effect on our marine mammals. I designed the full visual identity for Found with the primary goal of bringing the cause of #the100kinitiative to the public arena. I teamed up with Found, Les Girls Les Boys and Mats Christeen at the Foundry Wood to create the art titled, "Songs for the Ocean", my vision of an ocean wave made of the glass bottles. The installation is intended to create an immersive experience that can reach all senses with a sustainable approach in mind. For the opening and multiple events, percussionists Fernando Velez and Elizabeth Pupo-Walker created a ceremonial piece of music played with metal straws on the wave of bottles, as the music and rhythm fill the space the viewers are handed out metal straws and invited to take part—the message is an inspiring call to action through the installation and beyond.



What drew you to this particular project?


It was an exceptional team of people who all wanted to make something amazing happen in a short amount of time. The Les Girls Les Boys team and the Found team worked closely together to bring in lots of other great partners to the project, such as Starrett Lehigh and Naeco. In particular, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists like Alana Tsui, who took the idea and created giant murals and artwork in the space, Mats Christeen, and of course, Fernando and Elizabeth.


Describe your personal relationship with the ocean in one narrative sentence.


I grew up in the port city Haifa in Israel, so the ocean provided me with a serene escape, a place where I can meet myself through nature.


The design of the bottle was inspired by...


The livelihood of marine mammals themselves was the main inspiration. I chose to highlight the different types of whales on the background of the transparent Found water with the hopes of having our oceans as clear as the drink.


What was the most important feeling you wanted your viewers to walk away with?


I wanted viewers to indulge in an enjoyable activity, but most importantly to understand that it is our responsibility to keep the oceans plastic-free and to protect the beautiful creatures that exist within it.

Be sure to catch the magic at the Starrett-Lehigh building as part of the RXR Social Impact Month before closing day on July 19th! 


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