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Bushwig or Bust

Top Left: Patti Spliff, Top Right: Untitled Queen


What are your must-have beauty products if you were ever stuck on a desert island?

Untitled Queen: Any cosmetics that taste like food, like those Lip Smackers that taste like root beer or Starburst—that’s probably my top five.


Patti Spliff: Well, you always gotta have a good toner—just kidding. But obviously, water on a desert island. Some 301 lashes. Is a weed pen a product?

What’s your beauty advice for a cis woman?


Untitled Queen: I look decrepit. So, what I’ve learned is, if you sleep and don’t go out and don’t drink or do drugs—that’s the best makeup advice I could ever give you. If you get actual, real sleep, it’s almost like Death Becomes Her, where you take the potion and you see your skin, and it’s like, ‘OMG I got eight hours!’ Sleep will really do it for you. Hydration, too, and not going out, not doing anything. And don’t go out in the sun—that’s my biggest thing. So, if you wear lots of sunscreen, avoid the sun and watch TV at all costs, you’ll look amazing forever.


Patti Spliff: Oh fuck. Don’t do what I do.


What’s your favorite part of doing your makeup?


Patti Spliff: The complete transformation. I like to see the full transformation from no makeup to a complete full face.

Untitled says your lash game is crazy.


Patti Spliff: Yeah, I just layer a bunch of them. Today, I’m doing subtle lashes, which means three pairs. But I usually go for six.

Top left: Shanita Bump, Top right: Giovanka de Medici.


What are your must-have beauty products if you were ever stuck on a desert island?

Shanita Bump: Coconut oil. Have you ever been to the desert without coconut oil? It’s lube, it’s hydration, it’s a snack, it’s everything.


Giovanka de Medici: MAC. Every drag queen wears MAC. And whatever else I can find that’s cheap.

Anything else?

Shanita Bump: Nope, that’s all you need. Maybe water, and coke—diet coke.


Giovanka de Medici: Foundation and lipstick. But Lipstick, always, because Covergirl doesn’t do it at 54 years old, girl.

What are your makeup recommendations for cis women?

Shanita Bump: I use a lot of latex. So, I think every girl should just liquid latex their whole face—including their mouth.


Giovanka de Medici: I always tell them, ‘Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Do it up and down, if you know what I mean.’ And don’t use Covergirl after 30. The name says it all: Covergirl. After 30, you graduate.


What’s your favorite thing about makeup?


Shanita Bump: Taking it off.


Giovanka de Medici: Just getting into the mindset that I’m going to be a girl. So, shaving, actually, and just psyching myself up for it. It’s a long process, but I get naked and shave my chest—letting go of my masculinity to embrace my femininity. That’s my favorite part.

Top Left: Mina Thermopolis, Top Right: Baby Love


What are your must-have beauty products if you were ever stuck on a desert island?


Mina Thermopolis: There’s this Nyx liquid lingerie white lip thing—it’s a white liquid lipstick, and basically it does this crease that I’ve been trying to figure out how to do forever. Now that I’ve finally figured it out, I love it and want to do it forever. So, that, or the Makeup Forever knock-off cream eyeshadow palette. It’s a really great pigment, and it lets me do a bunch of things that are really cute.


Baby Love: If I’m gonna be Baby, I need a liquid lip that isn’t going to move. I also need a wispy lash, and a lot of clown white—that’s not a drag queen, by the way, it’s a product.


What makeup advice would you give cis women?


Mina Thermopolis: Lip gloss. Just fucking use lip gloss. I mean, why aren’t more people using it? A glossy, slobbery lip—it looks good!


What’s your favorite part of doing your makeup?


Mina Thermopolis: Definitely taking it off. As soon as I start I’m like, ‘I cannot dream of anything better than 12 hours from now, when I’m shoveling as much food into my mouth as I can, and none of this is on me anymore.’


Baby Love: I’m a classically trained fine artist, so my favorite part of makeup has always been playing with color and color theory—trying to recreate dimensions on your face with just paint.

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