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Calling All Earthlings

When you have a product like their healing toner, which is infused with vodka—something that many of us naturally associate with looking like absolute shit for 48-hours post-ingestion—that already sets you apart. But when you also combine unique and downright funky ingredients with a socially-aware ethos and beautiful results? Earthlings Skincare is our new go-to.


office sat down with Wu to chat about acne, Mother Earth—oh, and that time she got bear maced.


Tell me the story of Earthlings Skincare in one sentence.


Harnessing the power and energy of the Earth, one bottle at a time.

How do your products reflect your brand philosophy?


At Earthlings, we view skin from the lens of Chinese/naturopathic medicine. We treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. We believe that skin is part of a complex ecosystem and an indicator of overall health. So, when your skin acts up it’s trying to tell you something. Our products are made to help purify, nourish and balance your energy/ecosystem to result in beautiful, glowing skin.

How did you get into the beauty industry?


Never in my life did I think I would be in the beauty industry. Growing up, I had terrible skin—like really awful. I literally tried everything, and the only thing that ever helped were these herbal baths/teas my grandmother would make for me. Since then, I’ve been working in fashion, and working in an office everyday you hear women complaining about their skin constantly. It was a never-ending cycle of being excited about a new product,then being let down. It felt like they were always chasing glow like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I started Earthlings because I wanted to help women achieve beautiful skin the sustainable way.

Were there any natural solutions or concoctions you made when you were a kid that you now sell a version of?  


Yes! My grandmother was a third generation herbalist. So, growing up, I would see her mixing herbs all the time and try to copy her. I remember being five, going outside and digging roots to make potions. Our toner now is basically the same concept, but now I use burdock and ginger root.


What’s one flower or plant that people tend to completely overlook the benefits of?


Definitely marigold flowers! People have been using it since the 12th century to quickly heal wounds and bites. It’s also an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-genotoxic and helps digestion and cramps. It’s really a miracle flower.



Describe your ideal portable garden.


I really like this question. Oregano, Ginger, Aloe, Lavender, Marigolds, Wild Rose, mini Lemon/Orange tree, Cucumber, Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppermint and Cannabis.

If you could have any magical power what would it be?


I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety about the future of the Earth, so I think I’d like to be able to turn things into other things—like plastic into plants or food. Kind of like the hand of Midas, but hippie style.


What’s one thing you can’t live with, but can’t live without?  


Social media. I have weird feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how easy it is to get information, but I don’t know. I think things were more personal before.


What’s the funniest thing that happened to you this week?    


This is more of a funny/cringy story: this week we were hiking through the Canadian Rockies where there are supposedly a lot of grizzly bears. People recommended that we buy bear spray just in case, so we got some right before our trip. Day three into the hike, we see a fresh bear print in the mud and we were like, ‘Oh shit, break out the bear spray!’ So, we started to spray it on our arms, and suddenly it felt like our bodies were literally on fire. We ran into the freezing lake, coughing and crying, trying to wash it off. Apparently, I should have read the directions—bear spray is more bear mace. We maced ourselves.

What distinguishes Earthlings Skincare from the other beauty brands?   


I think the way most brands approach beauty is outdated. Since the industrial revolution, there’s been decades of propaganda to make women believe that if we rub chemicals on our bodies, we’ll be beautiful. Nothing could be more wrong! We should be thinking about skincare like food, where nutrition, balance, process, ingredients and freshness come first; beauty will inevitably follow.


Photos by Nick James Barr; courtesy of Earthlings Skincare.

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