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Del Valle has spent the last 7 years collaborating. Music videos for Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Floating Points, choreography for the upcoming biopic about Hollywood icon Mary Pickford, live works at The Serpentine Galleries and The Getty Museum, and others along a vast list of credits. Del Valle creates pieces through a distinct language and process that she has developed on her own, and it sets her apart from the pack.

I feel more inspired to physicalize those things that aren’t human.

“Neo-futurism, planetary science, androgyny, biology, things that are actually far-removed from my human body,” are all inspirations of Del Valle. "I feel more inspired to physicalize those things that aren’t human." She has a passion for researching deep in the body, “marinating in curiosity.” And beyond her fascinating mind is the underbelly of personal references, adding an enigmatic element that lures viewers in further.


In this specific piece, she mentions Jupiter being of interest to her family for generations. Europa names one of its largest moons, as well as Del Valle’s mother and grandmother. When her grandmother developed Alzheimer’s, she never forgot about Jupiter.


With all the thought-provoking elements at bay, we met with Kianí and Leo to gain a deeper understanding of CATACOUSTIC FLESH.

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