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Chez Opening Ceremony

I'm curious to hear about your color choice for this, the ultra violet. How'd it come about?


It was very natural for me, very organic. I can say that I haven’t thought about it. I just feel this color for Opening Ceremony. And the idea was to blur the distance between the fashion world and the public design world, and I think this color joins these two things pretty well.


Yes, definitely.


And it's royal. For me, this color is very personal. It’s very fair, and could be very tough. I guess it’s hard to imagine it in day-to-day life. But eventually you see here that it’s actually a lot of different colors and it's fine, you enjoy it.


Yeah, I’m usually not a purple person but I like this for some reason. I'm okay with it. What’s your relationship with fashion? How do you feel about it?


This as my first experience to be honest, but I think I'm going to continue for sure. And I do love collaborations. So maybe instead of doing something on my own I would like to collaborate with someone like Union, or other brands.


It’s cool because I feel like fashion can become very competitive so it’s nice to come collaborate from a different world because you get the best of it.


I have a few pieces here, just like a T-shirt and bags. But I really enjoy it, just creating a T-shirt. I hope my next step is going to be in fashion.



Where do you draw inspiration for the shapes? Because I know the hand is a familiar shape for a chair, but this is such an innovative way of twisting it that gets repeated so much.


It’s such an organic shape and I'm a huge fan of hands so I think I just continued the idea of hands and fingers.


I love that it’s a familiar chair but it’s kind of like fashion – a lot of people drawing inspiration is not always copying. So that’s cool.


I’m glad you noted that.



I really appreciated it expecially since copying is a huge thing that's discussed in fashion. And I love that you’re doing that because it’s clearly different but is such a recognizable thing at the same time. What are you doing next, what else are you working on?


I have around 20 projects as an interior designer lined up. We do residential, hospitality... a lot of restaurants.


Do you prefer doing hospitality?


I like doing both. I like working with people. I don’t care about walls and chairs without the people. So it’s all about finding the right way to make people happy.

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