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Church Couture: ICOSAE x Christian Louboutin



How can art provide the same positive force in society as spirituality?


I think art (in all its forms) plays a major role in society today because it is in the center of people’s life thanks to technology. Everyone is connected to some form of arts all the time whether it is with the music you have on your phone, the people you’re following on social medias and it’s a positive force because you can choose what you want to be connected to. People used to go to church to find a sense of community, now art is creating this positive force.



Who is this collection for?


This is my most personal collection and maybe the most complete because this time, instead of telling stories, I wanted to have societal point of view. I took a lot of time, watching people in the streets from a young millennial to a business man and wanted to translate this diversity in the collection. So really this collection is from the people for the people.



    Do you think that non-believers really exist? Even outside of the classic definition of “religious”?


    Everybody believes in something, whether it is religion, luck or values. The point of non-believers in the collection was more when this word is related to classic religion. I think that you can be non-religious but not non-believer.



    Do you believe in God?


    I have a spiritual part, not necessarily linked to classic religion, but I am not a non-believer!

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