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Collective Catharsis

See some of our favorites from the fair, below.

Monique Gilpin, 'Porcelain Disposition VIII,' 2018
Taha Clayton, 'Golden Lady,' 2018
Stan Squirewell, 'In the Name of God' 2016
Nicole Awai, 'Pounce Girl(s)!,' 2017
Morel Doucet, 'Every Horizon Line is a Double Metaphor Waiting to Dispel the Truth,' 2018
Mildred Beltré Martinez, 'Social Justice is Sexy,' 2017
Marton Robinson, 'Sin Nombre #2 (Untitled #2),' 2018
Damon Davis
, 'Libations For Those We Sold
,' 2018
Marilyn Nance, 'Untitled, African Street Festival, Brooklyn, NY,' 1987
Anina Major, 'The Almighty Dollar,' 2013

Prizm Art Fair is open now through December 9 at Art Basel in Miami.


Lead image: Dread Scott, 'Redestribute Wealth,' 2018; all images courtesy of Prizm Art Fair.

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