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Collina Strada Strips Down its Models to Lift Up Others

How did you start Collina Strada? 


I started it the last year of fashion school in 2009. I made a handbag for myself and everyone was asking me to make them. Then I moved to NY to transition into ready to wear. I have been fortunate to have lots of people supporting me and have since moved into doing runway shows. Conceptualizing shows has been extremely fulfilling for me as a process. It really allows me to be me and channels my creative visions.


Tell me a bit about your current look book / shop photo collection.


This season is all about chakra cleansing and supporting each other through growth and change. I wanted it to really translate into love. Kind of a future cult where we dress cool and be cool to others.


Why shoot nude? 


Why not? I find product shots stale and can even be confusing what product you are actually buying. This way is a new approach, funny, and eye catching. It is also looks so clean some people it takes a minute for them to realize she is nude. I like to have a bit of humor in everything I do, it’s fashion - we are not changing the world. 


Will you continue to shoot nudes for your future collections?


I would like to, I think its fun and as long as my “vagina model” Julia Lucia is down I’m all for it. Also looking for male models, give me a shout!


What concepts can we expect from your upcoming collection?


Without giving too much away, I am really moving into visuals with sound. Wear something comfortable to the next show :)


Check out the lookbook below.

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