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Come One, Come All

office sat down with company CEO Glen Buzzetti to chat about his smashing, five star-rated business. So whether you're single, coupled up or throupled up, come one, come all.


Thanks to the industrial boom of toy manufacturing, sex toys are now easily accessible to anyone in any place at any time. However, purchasing online can propose its own challenges. And between the infinite options in terms of where to buy and what to buy, it can be understandably intimidating to pick out the proper toys for your nightstand. Buzzetti understands this dilemma better than most, and he accounts for it within his business. “We try to create a no-guilt pleasure zone and give people room when they come in,'' he says. Buzzetti wants guests and those losing their "RD cards" (Romantic Depot, that is) entering his shop to know that they’re always in the best of hands; 95 percent of Romantic Depot's staff are women. “You’ll be surrounded by a friendly female staff who are all vetted to be empathetic and outgoing in order to make firsttimers feel comfortable."



Choosing to enter the store is only the initial challenge for some—the sheer variety of products can easily become overwhelming. But fear not, because Romantic Depot employees are more than pleased to answer any questions and assuage your anxiety, with a side of unmatched hospitality. "We educate our customers about the proper usage of sex toys and the benefits of using medical-grade silicone," says Buzzetti. Regardless of whether they're making a purchase or not, guests never leave empty-handed. “Every single customer that comes in will receive a free gift, even if they don’t purchase anything. We have an LED wheel, sort of like The Price is Right, and after someone exits the store, they can spin the wheel. Whatever they land on, they win!”






While sex toys provide people with the power to self-pleasure, they often find their way into sexy time with partners as well. Certain materials can transmit a multitude of of STIs and STDs, according to the National Health Service. While curating the customer experience is a priority for Buzzetti, safety always comes first. At Romantic Depot, all products are made with high-quality silicone. Buzzetti warns folks seeking pleasure to be aware of products from websites like Amazon or eBay. "You could be buying something that's toxic, and you could get sick or get an infection," he warns.


We don't have to tell you twice that adults need toys too. Shop online at Romantic Depot, or pay a well-deserved visit to the store in one of their nine existing locations in New York and New Jersey. And for our fellow Brooklynites, there's a new store headed your way this year, so saddle up.


Sidenote: The Queens location unfortunately burned down in May 2019 and will not reopen until further notice.

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