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Coming Back to COS

What brings you back to COS— how is it, as a brand, doing something special or different in design?


I was originally a part of the team when we started COS, so I was there since 2008, and [had] been there, and grown with COS... So, I don’t think that we have necessary changed but we always try to be relevant in time and involved to bring the collections forward.


What is iconic to your COS collections, as the designer?


As a designer… we always look towards timeless pieces. For example, the main inspiration would be a women's suit— not necessarily the suit set, but the tailoring and [dress] shirts are the key inspiration. Then we take it from there, deconstructing, changing the shape, décor, proportions, etc.

And how would you encourage young designers to break through in the industry?


It’s just really important to be passionate, and also to know your field of practice, to really teach yourself. For example, pattern cutting— so you know what it is all about, and also, always be curious.

... Be passionate, believe in what you do, and learn a lot.


What was the first step you took that brought you to where you are today? 


I was always interested in fashion— and I couldn’t really find what I wanted when I was shopping, so I was making the garments myself. And my mom used to help me with pattern cutting, but she did it, you know, with “free hands”. Then I went to Tillskära Akademin in Gothenburg for a year, which is a tailoring course, and then I took Bespoke Tailoring. That’s how it all started, before I moved to London.

Where would you want to live, if you could move anywhere?


I really enjoy living in London. I used to live there, and then I moved away for a little bit, to Paris, which I also like very much. I would probably move to the mountains somewhere, by a lake.

Does your [London home] influence your designs and style?


It is so multicultural, and you have everything there, [so] I don’t think it is necessary London itself— the influence is coming from everywhere. It is so many different parts in one place.



What inspires you outside of fashion? 


Music, I quite enjoy, but instrumental music like Steve Reich and Max Richter.

Food is also quite interesting. Food and gardening are what I do for my personal time, mostly for relaxation. But it is also something that always has to do with presentation and the combination of colors. 

And people, just in general, being around in the city and watching people is really amazing.

[And also,] vintage shopping. Just looking in markets, digging through vintage garments is probably my main inspiration.


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