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Confidence in the Cut

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?


I make coffee and write a few pages, whatever comes to my mind.


Do you have a non-beauty beauty secret?


Summer and sun carefreeness with lots of dancing and laughter so you can smile with your whole soul and send out rays of charm and beauty - my best beauty reset recipe :)


What does beauty mean to you?


Beauty is about being true to yourself and who you are. To feel truly beautiful I believe that you have to accept yourself the way you are, with all your little imperfections and weaknesses. Only then you can have the confidence to show your very own unique beauty and light. Some people have it and they're incredibly charming ouf - you know what I'm talking about? It's almost like they put a spell on you... lol

All Jewelry by The Shiny Squirrel Vintage

How did shaving your head make you feel?


FREE and finally ME. I loved it. No more hiding. No more trying to be something I'm not.


Is there something you do that helps with confidence?


I love to dance - at home alone or out and about but it makes me feel very good. And also getting physically stronger, I love to box or run until I drop. I always feel like a warrior after, ready to deal with the world. 

Top by PH5, Pants by Zadig & Voltaire

What do you wish the beauty world was better at? 


Telling you the truth about what is actually good for your skin and your body. I feel that there is a lot of confusion out there. Generally most people don't really know how to best deal with aging or hydration or sunscreen. People think they know because they read some beauty blog of some person who claims to have it all figured out but probably never even came close to really studying the science behind these claims. And most products promise something vague which is never even close to the facts of science behind. So yes I would love to see more information and more educational work concerning the scientific research behind beauty instead of empty promises. 


What’s one thing you do that helps you feel sexy? 


Red lipstick.

Multi-color Jacket by Yves Soloman, Long Sleeve Tee by Paradise, Vintage Levi's from Let's Split

Now, for some word association...

Clothing: Minimalism.


Hair: PINK and PUNK.


Sex: Caliente


Politics: Complications.


Fashion: Youth extravaganza.

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