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Conversion Therapy




Do you still talk to your Furby?  Y/N


Can you pick me up a CBD latte on your way back from the tennis courts?  Y/N 


Are you likely to move to a foreign country with nothing but a backpack full of makeup and magazines?  Y/N


Feng Chen Wang


On your modeling off-days, do you moonlight as an air traffic controller? Y/N


Do your workouts involve a punching bag and break dancing? Y/N


Do you already have your outfit planned for the first commercial flight to Mars? Y/N


Faith Connexion


Do you not give a fuck (except when it comes to looking fire)? Y/N


Are you still wearing your basketball gear from three days ago during fashion week? Y/N


Do you find yourself wearing sneakers to bed? Y/N


Calculate your score:


All Yes: You’re in the cult, we’ll see you at the meetings.


Any Nos: You’re out, but you can still wear the clothes.

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