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Corporate Magazines Still Suck (A Lot)

The Cobain references were most obvious—the Nirvana frontman was all over the collection, in its oversized, shredded cardigans, bleached hair with green highlights, baggy jeans, flannels, combat boots and t-shirt emblazoned with: Corporate Magazines Still Suck (A Lot!). Kurt famously wore a shirt with the same message (sans the "a lot"), a green cardigan and ripped jeans on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1992.


In the past, Gvasalia has been criticized for his perhaps too close nods to other designers, particularly Margiela, and even iconic fashion moments like the above. But the beauty—and even more so, the power—in Vetements isn't just in Gvasalia's clothes. It's the context. The brand has an undeniable ability to use fashion to speak on pressing cultural and political issues; to move people—proven only further by the way the industry has accepted him whole-heartedly, and audiences have stood in line for days for an $800 shirt. As a designer, his voice is radical, it's unapologetic; he's the ultmate outsider and subversive thinker, just like Cobain and Jobs.


View Vetements A/W '19 highlights, below.

Photos courtesy of the brand.

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