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Coucou Chloe Will Melt Your Face

  • Shearling fur by Marques Almeida


When you don’t have anything to do, what are you wearing to be cozy?


I have to say that being comfy is actually the main focus on the way I dress, I don’t want to feel limited by my clothes.


Osiris D3’s?


Talking about comfort, those are an absolute dream. My everyday shoes, I love them. I remembered about it something like 3/4 years ago and tried in vain to find my size, and one day it just happened. They’re like my pet.


  • Jersey and top by Oloapitreps, boots by Marques Almeida; Jacket and trousers by Ashish


What is pretty?


When someone I don’t know smiles at me in the street without trying to talk to me.


How does clubbing in London affect your clothing?


I don’t think the club night in London affects the way I dress as I’m not a crazy clubber anyway. I’d talk about the general vibe of London. I just feel like you can dress as you want, nobody will judge you which was the opposite of when I was living in France.


How did you start making music?


I was playing piano when I was a child then I stopped when I was something like 13. I started to experiment with sounds, make experimentations when I was in art school.. I did this installation where an electric fan is playing electric guitar. I started to imagine a kind of DIY autonomous machine band, but I obviously never did it (would take too much space and time). So I was recording a lot of different noises and trying to do a kind of puzzle of samples. That's how I started, and I realized that I just wanted to make music. I dropped out of art school then, moved to London and learned how to use software to make music.


What's your weirdest piece of mouth jewelry?


I really like this mouth piece from Alan Crocetti, it looks like I have two shiny stalactites on my lips. I’m waiting on my two new pieces from Juanita Grillz, he is a grillz creator and he’s actually making some mad stuff. One of those pieces is a grill with plastic coloured viruses on it. Not sure how speaking will be with it, but I’ll let you know.


Online or in-person shopper?


Definitely online.


Does sound have the same beauty to you as sight?


I would like to say that I can feel stronger things through sound, but I am actually not sure how to dissociate both. Whenever I listen to music, I do picture a lot of things in my mind.


  • Dress by Stella McCartney, boots by Marques Almeida


What's your favorite American TV show?


Hmm, I can’t wait for the new BoJack Horseman seasons.


What did you listen to as a tween?


I actually grew up listening to a lot of different things, mostly hip-hop and electronic music.


What things were you into in high school?


I always loved discovering new music and playing video games. Video games have really been a thing for me, I used to play a lot when I was very young. I literally grew up with a controller in my hands, and all those different singular universes might influence a lot my music. I think I always wanted to make music even though it came to me way later.

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