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And just like office Beauty, the Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup collab is rooted in New York City culture and history. "We wanted our first collaboration to be with a seminal icon who moves between culture and music and helped shape a generation," said Milk Makeup founder Mazdack Rassi on the Milk website. "It had to transcend time and culture; it had to be a global idea, but it also had to be New York at its roots, because that’s where we’re from."


In addition to New York, the line is also inspired by ancient philosophies, because as we all know, Wu-Tang's RZA is all about the Way of the Samurai and the ancient Chinese divination book, I-Ching. The colors are all named after different elements—there's 'Chi (Thunder),' a high shine true red, 'Fire,' an orange red, 'Ruckus (Lake),' a high shine hot pink, 'Frequency (Water),' a glittery purple, 'Source (Earth),' a high shine burgundy, 'Cypher (Mountain),' a cool brown, 'Flow (Wind),' a rosy beige and 'Sacred (Heaven),' a rose gold glitter—and the packaging is a dope gold-plated case to help all of us find our own fitted armor.


To celebrate the Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup Lip Color line, we picked up a stick of that fiery 'Chi' red for ourselves. Watch the video, below.

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