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A Day in the Life

The eccentric hub for social life has made its mark by switching up the narrative of what a hotel should be, entering into a whole new miscellaneous dimension of what could be⁠—and on the heels of only its second anniversary, the future of Public looks just as bright as it is incalculable.


Ascending up the iconic neon-lit elevators, its newest short film gives you an immersive glimpse of what happens when you fall down the PUBLIC rabbit hole. From your first cup of coffee at LOUIS to brunch in the Bowery Garden, followed by a night of jazz decadence at DIEGO, the film proves to be nothing short of a New Yorker’s wonderland.


Soon featuring its cabaret experience Carmen: To Havana and Back, the hotel delves into its passion for the 1950’s jet-set haven of Havana’s infamous Tropicana Club. Exploring themes of beauty and romance unconfined to time and space, guests can expect to be swept away into desire-filled feature⁠—exotic dancewear not necessary for attendance.

Make sure you hit up Carmen: To Havana and Back starting June 21, a jazz session at DIEGO, in collaboration with Lincoln Center, every Wednesday night, or check out any of PUBLIC’S summer events here, and see where the night takes you.

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