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A Decade of Beautiful Losers

And on Thursday night, with the aid of RVCA and Red Hook Labs, Alleged Gallery rose again. Alleged took over The Hole for a limited exhibition (open until September 1st), featuring works from artists skate legend Mark Gonzalez (whose 1995 mixed media piece, “Wein I Take Drugs Things Get Out of Focus and I Like That,” included graffiti and illustrations and his trademark scrawled, intentionally misspelled poems); photographs from Cheryl Dunn, Ivory Serra, and Deanna Templeton (naked girls, pool, sunlight); and pieces from Mills, Shephard Fairey, and Rita Ackermann. There were replicas of the original Alleged Good Luck candle, the kind of Catholic prayer candles you find in bodegas across the city. 


The opening was intensely crowded, with people spilling onto the street. The artists were there, models were there, Timothée Chalamet was there. Younger people who worship older skaters were packed into every corner. Bertie Bert the pom, the Hole’s resident adorable pomeranian, panted happily. It was hot in the gallery, and I wanted to jump into one of Templeton’s pools. I heard one of many grizzled dudes in baseball caps sight that he wanted to go back. For a week, you can.

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