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A Defiant Evening


The impact of their story has been a massive influence across the board, in both the music industry as well as throughout contemporary culture. The series, created by Allen Hughes, eloquently articulates the bond the Iovine and Dr. Dre formed through a common love for their craft and their industry, that would bridge the gap between Brooklyn and Compton, and moving forward would impact beyond measure generations that would come after. This was perfectly captured at their launch party, by featuring young artists who have so intensely followed in their path, each one in a unique and versatile manner. Performers included 2Chainz, Jillionaire, Kali Uchis, Lizzo, Vince Staples, and more. They celebrated in all facets the energy of the show itself, supported by the presence of the likes of Shaun Ross, Ty Hunter, and others who sipped ‘Gin and Juice’ and snacked enthusiastically on Bodega-themed bites by Ghetto Gastro.


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