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Dirty Confetti

Her visual language is as captivating as her artisan touch. Composed of six different pieces, The Ballad of Linda Leven is truly an ode to the intimate struggle between our delicate relationship with time and the all-too-human fear of oblivion. Lennox gives her audience some insight behind one of her many muses:

With Linda’s painting, it is very much more about her. I believe she is around 77 years old and still an aspiring model. She has this obsession, not necessarily with being famous, but with being known—having her name be known. I think it is the idea of fighting with time and grappling with wanting the celebration of lingerance. I heard that she donated her will to New York monuments and museums, because if you donate a certain amount of money, your name gets left on a plaque. For me, that’s something that needs to be drawn on as a remnant of the past. It’s like dirty confetti on the floor—when you’ve had a really late night, and the sun is coming up. Before you know it, all the magic felt like an illusion; the day is beginning, and you can’t fight it. You want to cling onto it. I try to symbolize that in paintings.


Gathering old photographs, Lennox relishes in the pleasurable act of holding onto things in the name of nostalgia. Lennox challenges her viewers:

It’s all a creation of your own fantasy. There’s a beauty in that, but there’s also a sense of sadness. Sometimes, there's a certain void you're trying to fill... I think I’ve gone through quite a fair amount of death in my life or tragedy, if you will. For my own comfort, I’m really drawn to old images. These images of a long-gone past where you’re looking at someone who’s not here anymore, and there’s only this lingering leftover essence. It’s almost like dancing with ghosts. It’s interesting with dress up and fantasy—are you going deeper into your truth and liberating yourself, or are you fighting with time and reality?


For the surreal series, she also drew inspiration from The Maverick Festival, describing the event as “a gathering of Bohemians and artists—outsiders. It was three days of completely losing one’s identity. Men would dress up as fairies. They would build a 200-foot pirate ship and burn it down at the end of the three days." 


Lennox’s first solo exhibition, The Ballad of Linda Leven will be on view until October 26 at the Meredith Rosen Gallery. 

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