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Eli Russell Linnetz

What is your ideal office?


A large white room with nothing in it and lots of natural lighting.


Who has been an unexpected source of inspiration for you?




Where is the most sacred place in Los Angeles?




What is an idea of yours that failed?


Nothing can fail, it’s just about commerce and the cultural landscape. There is no failure in creation just your ability to communicate an idea that gives it context and importance to a willing audience—but you have to know your audience.


What is the most interesting thing in your trash can?


Don’t own a trash can—just the one on my computer.


Who is the historical figure you’d most like to photograph?


I’m done taking pictures for now.


You wake up in jail—how’d you end up here?


Probably for something I didn’t do.


What is the most useful advice you ever received, and from whom?


Nothing anyone has ever told me has been true—so I’ll just say, “Do what you love and do it well.”


What is the most meaningful item in your wardrobe?


My collection—don’t keep any other clothes in the house.


What animated character do you relate to the most?




When was the last time you were starstruck?


I can’t remember the last time I felt anything.


Lyrics to live by?


Yeah but the record isn’t out yet so can’t tell you.


Do you have any rituals?




When have you been closest to death?


Every day.


How might you like to be reincarnated?


In one piece.

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