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Eugene Likes Pompey

This is a documentary/fashion portrait series of my dear friend Eugene Noble. Him and I met not that long ago at The Royal College of Art where I graduated from in August and where he is currently studying. I was invited back to my old elective to do a talk about my work and how I approach research, storytelling and documentary. I was really nervous. Eugene wasn't there to begin with, but he dashed in a little late looking fab! For some reason I instantly felt like he would be someone who would be a friend of mine. He was one of the students who asked me the most questions (most challenging ones too) and at some point the tutors had to be like 'right you have got to continue this after' as we couldn't shut up.


We hung out that day for about 5 hours and went to the pub, where we bonded over weird family things, low self esteem and so on. I am 10 years older than Eugene, but I don't really think about that. It's hard to describe why I wanted to photograph him, other than the obvious facts of his style and looks. But Eugene is just one of those people who you just want to get to know. He is a walking story if that makes any sense. You can tell he is a charmer and that he has darker insides, and I just wanted to try and capture all of the above. There is a few bold statements in what he wears, and I think he is often misunderstood through how he dresses. A very fashionable cocky football hooligan-y skindhead who wears England with pride and has a bald head? There are a lot of ways to assume things about him. I wanted to try and capture the goofyness, softness and kindness, to play with people's assumptions of humans a bit. I find that we all do through looks, but probably shouldn't, sometimes need look again. 

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