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Exclusive premiere: HESS IS MORE - "Everytime You Go Away (Emergency Mix)"

Frontman Mikkel Hess says that the new song is "not about using the whole piece, but more about using what's stuck in my memory about the particular song." "Everytime You Go Away," originally written and performed by musician Daryl Hall, was used at the end of the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and seemingly serves as a source of nostalgia for the musician. This, combined with how the picture on the Soundcloud page is one of Mikkel's old cars that he revamped for a drum event, all come together to melt these various recollections into the track, making a euphoric, layered, and nightmarish four and a half minutes. 


Catch HESS IS MORE at Nublu tonight and tomorrow, and keep up with the band on their official website and Instagram.

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