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Exclusive: Steve Lacy for BornxRaised



True to form, this collection's garments give a voice to Venice street culture’s past— a community dying at the hands of gentrification. There's nothing fake about BornxRaised. More than clothing, the brand is a form of self-expression and active protest made by and for the culture that is all too often bought, borrowed, and stolen from within the fashion world. The designs are bold and illicit, featuring both the classic Old-English font that we've seen in previous drops as well as some new designs, like the matching button up set with repeated black and white graphics that will have you ready to hit Venice Beach.


There's a passion in protecting Spanto's neighborhood that can be felt universally through the clothing that he makes. That isn't to say that it's exclusionary. BornxRaised has an approchable appeal that leaves even those of us who aren't from California rooting for the LA natives. The core community values has carried the brand far beyond the fashion world— and found a fanbase amongst an array of creative mediums. Thus, for this collection, BxR cast musician Steve Lacy to be the face of its campaign. Born and Raised in Los Angeles himself, we have to admit swiftly-rising singer Steve fits the brands socially-minded ethos perfectly.

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