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The Faces of #SaveTompkins

The decision came the morning of the rally, offering what could’ve become a frantic call to arms a feeling of communal celebration. OGs like Alex Corporan (who's been skating the park since 1989, when the first big West Coast meets East Coast contest was held there) showed out to show love alongside co-organizers Adam Zhu and Konstantin Satchek, and city councilmember Carlina Rivera, who had a big hand in supporting the cause. Skate kids young and old from the boroughs and all corners of the country turned up.

It was all good vibes; five minutes into Tompkins Square Park and chill I got offered 3-for-$1 loosies from a kid with glazed donut eyes, and a good old 1 p.m. 40 of Stella. (I boringly declined their offers, and took their portraits instead.)


Check out the faces of #SaveTompkins, below.

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