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Fame Itself

His latest exhibition, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, at Staley-Wise Gallery perfectly captures his ability to do so.

Andy Warhol: I’m a Deeply Superficial Person, November 22, 1986
David Bowie: Self Preservation, 1995
Elton John: Egg On His Face, 1999
Faye Dunaway: Day of the Locust, 1996
Hillary Clinton: Politician’s Paradox, 2010
Leonardo DiCaprio, Unspoiled, 1996
Michael Jackson: An Illuminating Path, 1998
Elizabeth Taylor, National Velvet, 2002

'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?' will be on view at Staley-Wise Gallery through March 2.


All images © David LaChapelle, courtesy of Staley-Wise Gallery.


Lead image: 'Tupac Shakur: To Begin Again (I), 1996.'

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