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The Family Awards & Lesbian Ball

As the awards part of the night came to a close, the ball began and voguing contests went into full swing. At one point, dancers invited lesbian women to show off their nails, as model Jazzelle Zanaughtti, aka Ugly Worldwide, took over the stage with her curling, silver talons courtesy of

Throughout the night, couples slid around the floor making out in hopes of winning the “Best Couple” contest, evaluated by judges like Ladyfag and Telfar Clemens.

Towards the end of the night, Isaiah thanked Weinraub before the filmmaker screened her groundbreaking documentary, SHAKEDOWN, about a lesbian strip club in LA. Stay tuned for more from office about Weinraub and the film, and if you weren’t at this year's event—don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


See photos from The Family Awards & Lesbian Ball by office favorite Zora Sicher, below.

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