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Fashion Week with Dick Page



Do you wear cologne? What is your favorite scent?


I usually wear Habit Rouge by Guerlain. I love lots of different scents. Rosemary, pine needles, boot polish and rough surf— North Atlantic in winter! [Those] are favourites.


Do you have a clear plan going into a show or on set or does it tend to adapt more based on the model or environment?


It's pretty much established beforehand in meetings with the team, designer, stylist etc... It's always about telling the designer's story of the clothes. Makeup is just a small part of that narrative.  


What was your first memory of makeup?


Probably a film— black and white— someone impossible looking. Or maybe a monster from Dr. Who on TV when I was a kid...  


What is the first thing that comes to mind:

Smoky eye youtube tutorials?


Generally overdone and all rather similar looking.


Crimped hair?


The 80's!


A french manicure set from the drugstore?


Why not?


Activated charcoal face masks?


Something to do if you're cosmically bored.


Is there one cultural figure you find has had the most meaningful role in your career in beauty?


Nobody cultural, per se, but many who have given me great advice or led by example.


You often speak about breaking out of beauty routines and rituals— but is there anything you can confess to do religiously every day?


Brush my teeth and wash my face. That's two!


What's your take on the shift in popularity from full glam makeup (contouring) to less disciplined, minimalistic makeup (ie. Glossier, Milk Makeup...)?


Makeup, like fashion, is cyclical and needs to feel new. However, makeup is temporary and washes off, so unless it's a character makeup or 'signature' look, there's no real commitment to it.


I noticed you are big on cooking from your Instagram. Are there any parallels between creating a cohesive makeup look and creating a recipe?


Just the level of engagement I think. You have to be interested, curious, and hungry in order to create either.


How do you get up the morning of show day? Is there something you listen to, eat, bring that is "unexpected"?


Not really. It's a pretty cushy job. Unless you're up at 4:30 like a farmer as I am today— writing this, while I should be getting ready to go and start the Michael Kors show!

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