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Hair and Makeup

All clothing by ThreeASFOUR

Being Of Aesthetic Supernature, Edward Couldn’t Wait To Start His New Job At Sephora And Reveal His True Colors, Only To Discover That Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Excuse Me If I Seem Erratic And Treat You Worse, Blame It On Periodical Inflation, My Cycle’s Curse Like A Roller-Coaster Stockmarket, Up And Down Each Month The Blood Moon And A Moody Frown
She Spins Her Charms Into A Net You Can’t Resist Like A Spider Woman’s Kiss, Her Seduction’s Tryst
I Dream Of The Day For Kim Kash To Come Clean, Of Taking Her Life’s Crap On Reality TV’s Latrine Each Pee N’ Poo Banking Her Shitloads Of Green— Down The Drain With Shitty Celebrity Self Esteem!
Happiness Attacks Unexpectedly, Cutting Through The Steel Shields Of Your Skin, Protecting Scars From Battles Lost In Search Of Happiness
Silence Is Golden But Not Fot A Mute—Sing Your Heart Out, It’s A Divine Pursuit
Rub N’ Tug Is The Dude’s Recreational Domain, To Some A Career And Lifestyle, Why Abstain?
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