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THE FAUXMOSAPIENS (2018): Film Premiere

“You must look beyond everything you know about reality and artificiality”

What’s real? What’s fake? Does it matter? 


Go on a journey through the SS18 MAISON the FAUX campaign by means of this FAUXcumentary trailer. 

Unravel who are the FAUXMOSAPIENS and what it means to be a FAUXMOSAPIEN. 

Discover who is leading this movement. Attempt to look inside the house and interact with it’s inhabitants.

Will you uncover the truth?

  • A production by Robert Fox 
  • Original music by Donnatella 
  • Starring: Janice Deul​, ​Love Bailey​, ​Michael Phillips Jamseon​, ​Aoife Rosso​, ​Evan Hall​, ​Asia Hall​, ​ Stephanie Shustock​, ​Yu Lun Wong​, ​Danny Taylor

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