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The Final Drop: Failure Fashion

But thankfully, by way of the final drop of season three from the acclaimed collaboration between adidas Originals  Alexander Wang, we can remind you of the unversal truth: dig through your antique attire, we will attest to the fact that you will find something surprising. Or you can just cop the collection on June 23rd. 

Inspired by a fictional unlabeled box found in the adidas archives, full of forgotten and flawed samples, this drop celebrates imperfections in the clothing production process. With pixelated graphics, uneven prints, perma-wrinkled fabrics, rejection now perfection.



Wang uses these new textures and fabrics to reimagine the fan-favorite, tried and true Adidas staples as well as introduce new pieces like crop tops, skirts, and dresses. The sixteen piece collection includes items like AW windbreakers, tank dresses, the Turnout Trainer, in black, blue, and bold orange colorways. Each piece is perma-wrinkled, creating a discarded effect that’s impossible to replicate— no two pieces are alike.



For the campaign, Wang and Adidas once again teamed up with Brianna Capozzi, taking models Lexi Boling and Cat McNeil to an industrial laundromat that might as well be a weird dystopian amusement park. Boling and McNeil surf on ironing boards, dive into piles of clothing, and pose on top of countertops and windows— encapsulating Wang’s irreverent approach to the icons of adidas.

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