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Finding the Fairest of Them All

Mirror, Mirror, a group show featuring work by Jennifer Loeber, Sharon Draghi, Tom Butler, and Zhiyuan Yang, wanders through the familiar and unfamiliar, backyards, boxers, and cluttered interiors punctuated by casual, unexpected nudes and uncanny figural deviations. 


Oddly enough this flows into Witness to Beauty, a photo essay by Sage Sohier revolving around her mother, Wendy Morgan, who, it would appear, lives a casually glamorous life, nostalgic and classic in its incorporation of beauty regimen - not only in “putting on her face,” but in maintaining a prettified lifestyle, from the garden to the mud bath, all captured with a refined air of whimsy.


Check out a preview of Witness to Beauty below.

"Mum, me and Laine", Hewitt Lake, Minerva, NY, 2001
"Mum and Laine making me up", Washington DC, 2004
"Mum applying make-up", Washington DC, 1994
"Mum in her garden", Washington DC 2003

Be sure you find yourself at Foley Gallery before January 7th for the full experience of these two evocative exhibitions.

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