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A Frieze and Gucci Rave

Though often overlooked, UK rave culture of 1988 and 1989 has been an incredibly reveloutional event within the art and fashion worlds. To this day, the impact can be felt everywhere. Art and fashion of all mediums takes inspiration and pulls ideas from the carefree and colorful attitude of style that electronic music introduced with the emergence of raves. It seems Gucci and Frieze know whats up.  



For the four part video series, the pair commissioned artists Jeremy Dller, Arthur Jafa, Wu Tsang, and emerging video artist Josh Blaaberg to create four different films celebrating the pioneering summers of the United Kingdom acid house scene. The first relase of the collaboration, the first major project produced by Frieze Studios, Into A Space of Love is a magical realist documentary that introduces us to the legacies of house music in New York.




Through a series of films and events, The Second Summer of Love explores not only the roots of the house music phenomenon and its political and social histories, but also the continued cultural significance that spurred from the movement. 




Where would the world be without acid house? Maybe The Second Summer of Love can help answer that. 

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