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"Fuck Men" Premiere by Ms. White

At what point are you so over men’s bullshit that you have to write a song about it?


[CW: sexual violence] The thing about being a woman, trans or otherwise, is that there's generally no straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to men. Just as there's no "aha" moment for when you decide to hate other nuisances like middle school or hormonal acne or Crocs, there's certainly no point at which your distaste for men defines itself. I've been sexually assaulted, catcalled, harassed, talked over, cheated on, ghosted, patronized, invalidated, and erased by men. There was no moment when I yelled "fuck men!" but rather a slow, steady build—a tonal shift.


In reality this song was borne out of needing a button for this EP, as it didn't quite feel "done" artistically. I'd written a slew of misandry-lite songs and figured why the hell not get straight to the point? I thought, "Sure. I'll go there."


Could you tell me a little bit about the importance and inspiration behind your new EP?


Part of me wants to be mysterious about where this EP came from emotionally, physically, and spiritually. But the truth is my favorite artists are generally the ones with the least to hide, and I've been hidden for too long anyway. My primary musical influence is Amy Winehouse, whose middle name is Jade. I named this EP Jade after her because these were the first songs I wrote from a deliberately female headspace. At first, [Jade] felt almost like an alter ego until I figured out it was just me. I had a realization that the songs I write that sound too masculine (whatever that may actually mean) are the ones I care about the least. I told my producer and collaborator Theodore that I need to write as a woman to feel honest. Little did he or I know that I would begin transitioning shortly thereafter—just a wild guess, but I think they may have been correlated.


In other words, the project is an homage to my most important female influences, both musically and visually. A large part of being trans—for me at least—is collecting figureheads from whom you source your femininity. I want Amy's ability to be frank and cheeky; I want Sia's joviality and force, Adele's sincerity, Erykah's self-sufficiency, Lorde's lyricism. These women are where I come from, so I owe it to them.

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