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First things first, how did this collaboration come about?


Telfar Clemens — We’ve been coming for Gap for a long time. Gap has this aesthetics of ubiquity – we would appropriate their classic ads from the 90s – the gag being to present TELFAR as this big-box mall brand. It was supposed to be something impossible, which is what makes it so cool that it’s happening.


John Caruso — I’ve been following TELFAR for a while now and have always been a fan of what he was doing season after season, especially with his denim collections. I see Telfar Clemens as a designer who is redefining what American style is, so I was excited to meet with him in early 2019 to discuss a potential partnership between Gap and TELFAR. When we met in person at his studio in Bushwick, I instantly knew we needed to work together. The shared excitement about a collaboration, the nostalgia he had for old Gap ads I had brought along, the design ideas we discussed and the opportunities we each saw in a partnership together. At Gap, it’s important for our collaborators to share our brand values, have cultural and global relevance and help drive us forward and Telfar checked all of those boxes and then some. We are very excited to work together on this collection.


What are Telfar’s 2020 resolutions? What are GAP’s?


TC — TELFAR 2020 is about people power.


JC — A new year brings new opportunities. We are finding new, innovative ways to contribute to the global movements in fashion, music, art, sustainability, and creativity, and start ones of our own. That’s what Gap is about, and this collaboration with TELFAR is just the beginning.


Which ideals do Telfar and GAP share, which you believe will make it simple to collaborate?


TC — TELFAR has always been about conquest of the normal.


JC — Gap and Telfar’s shared philosophy of accessibility and wardrobes rooted in universal basics and affordable garments that can be worn in unique ways, make the brand's natural partners for the project. Together we will work to co-create new products that will inspire freedom of expression and drive positive change. I think what also makes this collaboration exciting is that both brands want to create a collection that is for EVERYONE. I’m excited to see what unique perspective Telfar will bring to the partnership.


Give us a taste of what’s to come.


TC — You have to wait to taste.


JC — We are in the beginning stages of developing the collection and don’t want to give too much away, but I would love to see what spin Telfar can put on Gap archive pieces and of course in the Denim and Graphic T-shirt categories. 




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