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Gauntlett Cheng SS17 Video Premiere

“I wanted the video to be edited in a way that’s unsettling,” said Hughes. “Just like how some of the pieces in the collection are silky and sexy, and others are a bit creepy.”


"This is the third film we've made with Harry, and his films are the main way that we get to experience our own work,” the designers wrote in an email. “We never get to see our shows or gauge any sense of reaction, but finish with this two minute, emotional video that we watch over and over obsessively to try and get a sense of what we've made.”


“The show ends up being the most perfect expression of what we're trying to do," they continued. “This season only really made sense when it was on a boat with these incredible models and super emotional, cheesy music playing. Harry manages to capture not only the show, but the candid moments backstage and in this piece especially, the movement. There's a swelling energy that expresses the insane rocking we had to deal with all day.” As far as we know, no one was seasick.


Video by Harry Hughes for Gauntlett Cheng


Text by Jocelyn Silver

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